Operation “Don”t Thud” 1.0


The Mosely successfully hoisted to the top of the tower. No death to be reported, which makes it a success in my book. More to come later….


2 Replies to “Operation “Don”t Thud” 1.0”

  1. How many did it take to get the mosley up there, just one on the tower, one on the ground?

    1. N8BD and myself (KD8FYT) mocked everything up and got it ready to go. Then with KD8GNX keeping tabs on the antenna lead line so it wouldn’t flap too badly in the breeze, we were able to pull it up to the top and N8BD secured temporarily for the night. Early the next morning before the wind started blowing, we got it raised onto the mast and secured. All in all it took 3 of us. Ill have pictures and a write-up posted shortly!

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