High Altitude Balloonacy

Well it looks like OVEC has come up with another crazy idea to give a go, we are going to send some manner of balloon up toward space.

Our illustrious president, NF6H, put together a fine presentation describing the finer points of sending “lighter than air” craft into the earth’s atmosphere at last night’s October 2018 club meeting. With the enthusiastic roars of all those in attendance, it was decided that this project received approval from fellow OVEC members.

Initial planning shows that this balloon will do MANY THINGS, such as recording atmospheric temperatures and pressures, transmit real-time telemetry, take 1080p video and HD picturegraphs of our earth from the edge of space, and possibly even provide a temporary cross-band repeater for those interested in seeing how far one can talk using a 100,000ft high repeater location.

Planning has begun, and initial roles have been taken on by those interested in participating. Please feel free to check out the power point presentation below if you would like to see just how large of a taskt we are planning to accomplish. Failure is not an option…

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