AC8VK | Rx RFI Tracking, Part 1….

This is a quick video I shot while troubleshooting a Receive (Rx) Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) problem that affects my location from time to time. This appearance of this RFI is sporadic, and since moving to his location about two years ago I have experienced it about a half-dozen times.

One of the first steps for solving a noise problem is finding out if it is generated within your own home, or is external to it. It is actually really good news if the noise is generated by equipment or appliances that you own and control ! The general 1st step there is to power the radio from a battery and turn off all your own power. If that eliminates it, you can then use a divide and conquer strategy to identify the specific source and remediate it.

Turns out, this noise isn’t coming from anything I am supplying power to…

FYI, an excellent resource on this topic is a paper by Jim Brown K9YC:

73, Erik / AC8VK

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