Weekly “Net That You Deserve” Rebooted

Greetings and salutations fellow ham and non-ham folk. When we first started growing as a club, KD8GQW was kind enough to start a weekly club net that occurred every Sunday evening at 9:00PM EST. Unfortunately, there were never many check-ins so the after a couple of months we all agreed to stop holding it until we had more members to help out with the project.

Well good news, here we go again! This time it is being rebooted by Jocelyn (KD8VRX) and Craig (N8FAA) in an attempt to get everyone engaged while we are all stuck in our houses due to the Corona Virus festivities.

The newly rebooted net will happen every Thursday Night @ 8:30PM EST, on the KD8LBS Repeater located at 444.9750 MHz +5, Tone 162.2 Hz. The repeater is located in Liberty Township Ohio, and offers excellent coverage of the majority of the northern Cincinnati Area, all the way up to Dayton. We encourage all hams to check in, and any non-hams to listen in on the shindig!

If you would like to join OVEC, please go to our home page and you can send your first year’s dues via our PayPal form. If you are a member of the Ohio Valley Experimenters Club, and would like to act as net control, please contact either KD8VRX (KD8VRX@KD8LBS.COM) or N8FAA (N8FAA@KD8LBS.COM) to learn how.

Thank you, and looking forward to the event!


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