About Us

We meet on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:30PM local time, in the meeting facility located at the Valley Central Bank in Liberty Township Ohio. 

6550 Princeton Glendale Rd, Liberty Township, OH 45011, USA

The Ohio Valley Experimenters Club, or OVEC, is a club focusing primarily on radio, antenna, and RF experimentation. We, as members of OVEC, aren’t happy with an antenna setup just because we finished building it, it can always be better and that’s where experimentation comes into play!

The club was first formed in 2009 by K9MUL and KD8FYT, and was primarily active around field day when all 4 members would rally for the festivities. Generally field day operations would be hosted in K9MUL’s yard, until 2012 when we lost Kevin to illness. 2013, 2014, and 2015 operations were hosted by it’s other founding member KD8FYT, until 2016 arrived…

2016 was a busy year for the KD8LBS group. It’s members decided to kick it into gear to make KD8-POUNDS great. With the addition of new members and a revitalized spirit of experimentation, the club has been working around the clock to get everything ready for this year’s field day, and beyond.

In addition, OVEC is a group of amateur radio enthusiasts dedicated to advancing operational techniques and furthering the technical aspects of the hobby. OVEC is located in the Greater Cincinnati, OH USA area.

OVEC’s Purpose is to:

-Encourage the development of technical operating abilities.

-Foster the advancement of the art and science of amateur radio.

-Create an environment for members and non-members to exchange expertise, tips, and advice.

Current Officers:

Craig Kessler KD8GQW – President

Ben Doran N8BD – Vice President

Jeff Lehman N8ACL – Secretary

Brendon Beresford KD8RAP – Treasurer