Badge Information


You may be wondering to yourself “I sure wonder how that amazing club goes about funding all of their  hammy events!” Well we print custom made ID badges at the Xenia Hamvention and hamfests around the greater Cincinnati/Columbus area!


When you place your order at our tent, we take a current picture and you fill out a short form specifying what you would like printed on your badge. The choices include:

  • Color of top text bar (Where your license class is listed)
  • License Class (Novice, Technician, General, Advanced, Extra)
  • Two logos of organizations of your choosing (to be circled on the form)
  • Your Callsign
  • Your Name

After our highly qualified team of club members generates the front of the card and prints it, they then run it through a second time and print a current reference copy of your FCC license on the back! “But I just upgraded” you think to yourself, “They can’t possibly print my new license class THAT quickly, can they?”. WELL YES WE CAN!

In the end you will receive your waterproof front/back printed license, with a hole punched at the top and attached to a clip for you to proudly display and show off to all of your now jealous friends. All this for $10.00 dollars worth of your finest American pesos!

Now you may be thinking to yourself “I don’t like the logos they offer, I want a picture of a honey badger eating a sweet potato while balancing a plate on his/her head”. WELL WE GOT YOU COVERED! You can also order CUSTOM MADE BADGES! Due to the extra time and labor involved obtaining the logo and getting permission to use it, combined with the time required to turn it into a usable image that will produce the highest quality print possible, we charge $20.00 dollars American for a custom printed badge.

Because we don’t usually keep all the printing equipment set up between events, printing orders between events is usually not possible. BUT if you have a large order of badges you would like to place (such as for a club or organization), we will be more than willing to work with you to not only make it happen, but also on reduced group pricing for bulk runs.

Please feel free to  contact us with any questions/comments/concerns and we will get back to you promptly!

73, KD8LBS