Repeater Information


Our repeater is located at the “Swan Lake” site in Liberty Township Ohio. The antenna is located 473ft above the ground, or 1352ft above sea level. The current system is a 70cm (UHF) repeater 444.975+ PL 162.2 as well as our newest addition, the KD8LBS-1 High Profile APRS digipeater. There are hopes that we may be able to hang a 900MHz machine on there in the future! Only time will tell…

History of the KD8LBS Repeater
The repeater was originally owned by Gary, W8SDR and our club used the machine on a regular basis. Sadly, Gary became a Silent Key in September of 2020, but as per his wishes, the repeater was transferred to the club. We of course will miss him and have kept the repeater on the air in his memory.

Repeater location on map
39°21’11.6″N 84°25’01.5″W

Below you will see the repeater’s
“Control Operator” hiding in the cabinet.